Melanie Vaughn Memorial Mutton Bustin’


A fan favorite, Mutton Bustin' is for the younger set of cowboys and cowgirls - from the ages of 5 to 7 and under 60 pounds. This crowd pleaser is typically the very first event to kick off the rodeo action each round.

The object is for the rider to hold onto his or her sheep and ride for 6 seconds. Riders can either hold on around the neck or put their hands into the wool and grip. No ropes, spurs, or riding backwards is allowed in the competition. Helldorado does provide a Courtesy Booth during the event to check-in items such as strollers and packages if needed.

Parents, please note that all children participating in the event will be weighed.

Contest objects:

  • Stay on the longest
  • Ride the farthest
  • Have fun!

May 11, 13 and 14, 2017. Number of riders is limited per day.

Entries are now closed, thank you to all contestants.

All participants will be required to have their parent/legal guardian sign a liability waiver form before they will be allowed to participate. The liability waiver form must be signed onsite at the event. If a child participates more than one day, a release will have to be completed for each day they participate. 


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