Helldorado at the Movies

movies2May 9, 2017

Join us at the beautiful new Eclipse Theater in Downtown Las Vegas for a screening of the classic 1946 Roy Rogers film Heldorado on Tuesday, May 9 at 7:00 p.m. And no, “Heldorado” isn’t a typo! Movie theater owners and the film’s production company were so concerned about the word “hell” being displayed on their marquees, they purposely changed the spelling of the film’s title, though signs all throughout the movie clearly say “Helldorado.”

This great American western film is set during the annual Helldorado Days festivities in Las Vegas. Rogers is captain of the guards at Boulder Dam, and helps celebrate the town’s frontier heritage while capturing racketeers at local casinos. Footage of the 1946 Elks Helldorado Days parade is featured in the film. 

Tickets are $25. Proceeds benefit local charities serving children and veterans.

Helldorado at the Movies

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